Students of Vocational High School 2 of Painan study marine ecosystems

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Students of Vocational High School 2 of Painan study marine ecosystems

Indonesia Beach School is held at VHS 2 of Painan. (ANTARA / Ist)

Padang (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries gives students an understanding of the marine ecosystem in the Gerakan Cinta Laut (Gita Laut) through the Indonesian Beach School program.

Director of the Coastal and Small Islands Empowerment Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Muhammad Yusuf. S. Hut, M.Sc contacted from Padang on Tuesday said the activity involved 50 students who were prepared as agents of change in the school and community environment.

"One of the issues we raise is how people can reduce the use of plastic," he said.

In 2019, Vocational High School (VHS) 2 of Painan was chosen as the Indonesian Beach School from W Sumatra. The activity was carried out for three months with five stages.

The first stage of socialization, namely providing an understanding of mangrove ecosystems and coral reefs, coastal pollution, coastal dynamics and their management as well as climate information.

Coastal pollution is an issue which was then chosen to be developed at VHS 2 of Painan.

The next stage is to observe by collecting and sorting garbage. Garbage is sorted by plastic, fabric, glass, wood and metal categories.

Stage three is analysis. Students are trained to analyze, observe, make conclusions and find solutions to problems found in the field.

Based on students' observations, about 30 percent of the garbage on the coast and the surrounding environment is plastic.

The fourth stage is the teaching stage which is conducting an environmental campaign about the dangers of waste. Students convey the campaign to the community around the school, traders, fishermen, markets and via radio.

"The focus is on getting people to be wise in managing waste. Sorting and recycling, "said Muhammad Yusuf.

The final stage is the action stage, which is to provide solutions to the waste problem that exists on the coast. One of them is making a recycled creation contest, and giving assistance to the community.

One of the community around the school, Buyung (51) said the socialization delivered by students about recycling was quite interesting because it could add value to the garbage that was previously only thrown away. According to him the community could have a side business with recycling. *

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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