Tenun Balai Panjang will perform at New York Fashion Week

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Tenun Balai Panjang will perform at New York Fashion Week

A model wearing Tenun Balai Panjang Payakumbuh (middle) (ANTARA SUMBAR / Syafri Ario)

Payakumbuh (ANTARA) - Tenun Balai Panjang Cloth (TBP) Payakumbuh City, W Sumatra, will be performing at the ASC New York Fashion Week (NFW) international event which will be held on September 8, 2019 in New York.

"This is the second after appearing on London Fashion Week (LFW) last February 2018, this time Tenun Balai Panjang will be in display at New York Fashion Week," said Payakumbuh City Dekranasda Chairperson, Henny Riza Falepi at Payakumbuh, on Monday.

New York Fashion is one of the world's Top 4 Fashion Week besides Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week.

According to Henny, the appearance of Tenun Balai Panjang in the event could not be separated from the active role of fashion designer Tuty Adib.

Tuty Adib is a national fashion designer who also promoted Tenun Balai Panjang at last year's London Fashion Week.

He said the appearance of Tenun Balai Panjang in the international arena of New York's Fahion Week would help the development of local products to be better known.

"Of course, this will automatically become a promotional event for our region, and can attract the attention and visits of tourists both local, national and even international," he said.

He claimed to be satisfied with the concept and design of Tuty Adib's clothing with Blassoom Minang's simple, casual, and ready-to-wear concept, making the clothing available to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

"All this time, woven cloth is limited to ceremonial events, now the concept of casual design by Tuty feels elegant and modern. The design model can also be used by non-Muslims and used by young people or millennial generation, "he explained.

Tuty revealed, at the event in New York later, she raised the Blossoom Minang theme which was adapted to the main theme of NFW, namely spring summer 2020.

Muslim clothing ready to wear the design will be dominated by pastel colors, such as peach, beige, dusty pink, mint green and white.

"The Balai Panjang woven fabric will be displayed in the form of ready-to-wear Muslim fashion with an elegant and up to date style," she said.

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