Hunting for traditional cuisine in Pasar Pabukoan at Batusangkar

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Hunting for traditional cuisine in Pasar Pabukoan at Batusangkar

A number of residents shop for food in Pasar Pabukoan at Batusangkar , on Wednesday, May 8 (Antara Sumbar / Etri Saputra)

Batusangkar (ANTARA) - A number of Tanah Datar residents, W. Sumatra, packed Pasar Pabukoan at Batusangkar for hunting the culinary to eat at the time of breaking the fast.

A variety of typical West Sumatra cuisines are available at the pabukoan market which was opened at 02.00 p.m . Starting from food and drinks and traditional 'takjil'.

Like fried fish, chicken, jerky beef, gajebo, tambusu, and various kinds of curry, and randang. In addition, there were kampiun porridge, pecel, lontong sayur, soto, rice soup, and other.

As for drinks such as papaya coconut milk, ice cendol, ice teler, ice tebak, ice seaweed, ice of young coconut and many others.

One visitor to the Nanda market in Batusangkar on Wednesday said he came to Pasar Pabukoan at Batusangkar because there was a variety of appetizing foods and drinks available in the market.

He claimed that every Ramadhan at his home routinely ate compote as a meal to break their fast, besides the sweet and delicious taste also relieved thirst.

At the Pasar Pabukoan , compote is sold with various flavors, some are banana, sweet potato, pumpkin and durian. The food is sold starting from IDR 5 thousand to IDR 8 thousand per serving.

"In addition to the affordable price, in Pasar Pabukoan there are various kinds of traditional West Sumatra food and thirsty drinks," he said.

While one of vendors in Pasar Pabukoan, Gusrijep Putra, said that the Batusangkar Pasar Pabukoan began to be crowded with people from 03.00 p.m until the Maghrib call to prayer.

"The crowd is indeed one or two hours before breaking the fast. And the most crowded is before Eid al-fitr, because migrants start arriving and deliberately looking for food here, "he said.

He claimed that the first two weeks of Pasar Pabukoan at the Batusangkar were only visited by local residents in Batusangkar. But one week before Eid al-fitr , many nomads returned and deliberately shop there.

"Normally two weeks before Ramadhan our nomads who come home are many who deliberately shop here," he said.

Previously, Assistant Secretary for Economic Development at the Regional Secretary for Education, Edi Susanto, said that the Regency Government had consulted with traders to maintain food quality and cleanliness.

"There are at least hundreds of traders who fill stalls in the market. Everything has been arranged for the convenience of visitors. We have also arranged with the Tanah Datar Department of Transportation and Polres in maintaining traffic order and parking arrangements,"he said. Translated by: Internship student of ANTARA SUMBAR 2019

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