Agam Holds Cheap Bazaar To Stabilize Basic Needs Price

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Official of Agam Government at cheap bazaar. (Antara)

Lubukbasung, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The government of Agam District, West Sumatra, holds a cheap bazaar to stabilize the price of nine basic needs ahead of Ramadhan (fasting month) 1439 Hijriah at Impress Market Padang Baru, Lubukbasung on Monday.

Head of Department of Fisheries and Food Security of Agam Ermanto in here, on Monday said that the basic commodities sold such as kusuik kuruik rice were two tons, 20,000 chicken eggs, 200 kilograms onion, 200 kilograms red chili, 200 chickens, freshwater fish, cooking oil and others.

"The bazaar is conducted with cooperation with Bulog and farmer groups in the local area," he said.

All basic commodities are sold below the market price, because government subsidizes every kind of basic necessities around Rp4 thousand to Rp thousand per kilogram.

For the price of red chili, it sold Rp34 thousand per kilogram below the market price of Rp37 thousand per kilogram, onion Rp27 thousand per kilogram while the market price of Rp35 thousand per kilogram, eggs Rp1,300 for each below the market price of Rp1,500 per item.

The price of local rice Rp11 thousand per kilogram while market price of Rp13 thousand per kilogram, chicken Rp43 thousand per kilogram while market price Rp48 thousand per kilogram, sugar Rp12 thousand per kilogram while market price Rp13 thousand per kilogram.

Then, While cooking oil Rp12,500 per kilogram while market price of Rp14 thousand per kilogram, nila Rp25 thousand per kilogram while market price Rp30 thousand per kilogram, catfish Rp18 thousand per kilogram while market price Rp25 thousand per kilogram.

In addition, Bulog rice cost Rp9,450 per kilogram, frozen meat Rp80 thousand per kilogram.

"We sell those needs at farm-level prices, and for our subsidized transportation costs, people are limited to buying each of those basic needs," he noted. (cha)

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