Padang Pariaman Needs Investors To Develop Marina Area

id hendra azwara

Illustration -Investment. (Antara)

Parit Malintang, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Government of Padang Pariaman District, West Sumatra, requires investors to develop 200 hectares of Marina Bay Tourism Pier area in Muaro Anai, Batang Anai Sub-district which is located adjacent to Minangkabau International Airport (BIM).

Head of Integrated Services and Industry Services Department of Padang Pariaman, Hendra Aswara in Parit Malintang, Tuesday, said that 200 hectares area can be used for integrated tourism development such as lodging, golf courses, water boom and other tourism supporters.

According to him, investors will receive such benefit if they are investing for marina developing because there will be tourist dock whose ship in the area and it will bring tourists to Mandeh, South Pesisir as well as to other tourist islands.

With the tourist dock, the tourists from BIM no longer need to face the congestion when they are heading to Mandeh. They can use tourism boat at the marina dock.

Besides, he mentioned to be able to invest in the development of region, investors must have the requirements in general including company deed and sign the list of companies.

Investors may register to related department through online by attaching the scanned of scores public and investment coordinate point in accordance with the marina area spatial permit. (cha)

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