Minangkabau Festival entertain minangnese at TMII on December 7th-8th

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Minangkabau Festival entertain minangnese at TMII on December 7th-8th

Dancers who entertain guests at the Minangkabau Festival (ANTARA / Ist)

Padang (ANTARA) - Tourism Office of West Sumatra Province held the Minangkabau Festival 7-8 December on the West Sumatra platform at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) Jakarta, to promote regional culture and entertain the minangnese.

"Minangnese around Jakarta can enjoy a series of activities to remind them of their hometown," said the Head of the W Sumatra Tourism Office, Novrial, was contacted from Padang on Saturday.

The festival is also a regional promotion effort. The cultural and culinary diversity of Minang has been recognized by the world and it is hoped can be one of the attractions to increase tourist visits to W Sumatra.

Besides being filled with local arts, the Minangkabau Festival was also enlivened with randang cooking competition to win a total prize of Rp20 million. Participants can compete about their ability to process meat with rich herbs and ingredients to make rendang.

The people who were present were also presented with a conversation about the culinary Minang which was guided by two speakers namely Vita Datau and Chef Marco Lim.

The festival will also be enlivened by special arts such as KIM. Typical art that combines songs with luck.

Each participant will be given a coupon containing a random arrangement of numbers 1-90. Each coupon has a different number. The singer will sing while saying the numbers. The winner is the coupon holder whose numbers are mentioned by the singer.

The event can always bring a festive atmosphere for participants because the committee has prepared a number of prizes for the winners.

The first day of the festival was attended by the Regent of Limapuluh Kota Irfendi Arbi, Mrs. Wury Estu Handayani Makruf Amin and Mrs. Tito Karnavian and Indonesian House of Representatives member Nevi Irwan Prayitno.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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