Raflesia Arnoldi flower is founded in Agam

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Raflesia Arnoldi flower is founded in Agam

Two knobs of Rafflesia Arnoldi flowers that grow in the land of the Sitingkai residents, Nagari Koto Rantang, Palupuh District, Agam Regency, Tuesday, Sept 10. (Antara/istimewa)

Lubuk Basung (ANTARA) - Residents of Sitingkai, Nagari Koto Rantang, Palupuh Subdistrict, Agam Regency, W Sumatra found two knobs of Rafflesia flowers around the plantation not far from the settlement on Monday, Sept 9.

One Palupuh resident, Heru Nofrianda (26) in Lubukbasung, said on Tuesday that the two knobs were found by residents when they were about to go to his garden.

"The two knobs grow near residential areas and a few years ago the rafflesia flower also grew in that location," he said.

In these findings, residents immediately notified the nagari government, and proceeded to the Bukittinggi Resort BKSDA.

"We have informed the nagari government and BKSDA. We will preserve until these flowers bloom later, "he said.

The head of the Bukittinggi Resort BKSDA, Vera Ciko said the two knobs will bloom perfectly in the next few weeks, because they are red and the petals have begun to open.

"It is estimated that the Rafflesia Arnoldi flower will bloom perfectly this month," he said.

For this reason, he appeals to residents to keep the flowers together and do not damage the rare flowers.

"These flowers are protected by Law Number 5 of 1990 concerning Conservation of Natural Resources and their Ecosystems," he said.

He acknowledged, Palupuh is a habitat of these rare flowers and almost every month in full bloom.

Previously residents also found flowers in Sitingkai, Koto Rantang and others.

"The flower grows on the people's plantation land, protected forests and nature reserves," he said.

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