Taman Kitiran QTC 1000 Kincir Angin is the new tourist destinations in Solok City

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Taman Kitiran QTC  1000 Kincir Angin  is the new tourist destinations in Solok City

Visitors while enjoying the atmosphere and taking pictures at Taman Kitiran QTC, Tanjung Harapan Village, Solok City. (ANTARA SUMBAR / Tri Asmaini)

Solok (ANTARA) - Kitiran Qualified Training Center (QTC) with its hilly natural charm decorated with 1000 windmills is becoming a new tourist destination for photography, learning Tahfidz, and camping in Tanjung Paku Village, Tanjung Harapan District, Solok City.

The Kitiran Qualified Training Center (QTC) manager of Puncak 1000 Kincir Angin, Diki Asnur in Solok, said on Thursday that the Taman Kitiran QTC was originally a Quran studio and Tahfidz training which was opened since February 2019.

Previously, QTC focused on developing human resources in the fields of training, outbound, Tahfidz, camping or camping and others that had developed in Solok City.

"In creating a new vehicle for the Hafidz Quran which is incorporated in the Quran and Tahfidz QTC training programs in Solok, we strive to provide a religious atmosphere that blends with nature and is comfortable," he said.

He explained that the Taman Kitiran was taken from the Javanese language, which meant a park of windmills or propellers. This Taman Kitiran QTC Puncak 1000 Kincir Angin has the concept of Eco Tourism, educational tourism, camping and culinary tourism.

In developing the Taman Kitiran, he also involved local youth to make 1,000 windmills made of two ml thick mica type carton paper which was waterproof, rain and wind.

"We also have a target of 4,000 windmills, now only 1,000," he said.

Meanwhile, Tanjung Paku Urban Village Head Yenna Muryati said this was a very good tourist destination visited by families and adolescents in Solok City.

"Because besides traveling to enjoy a good atmosphere, and colorful windmills, visitors can also study in the Quran Taman Kitiran studio by being taught by competent teachers," she said.

According to her, the concept of religious tourism combined with nature is very good, besides learning visitors also unite with nature, so that indirectly visitors will feel comfortable.

Yennna Muryati also mentioned that she would continue to support the development of the Taman Kitiran QTC Puncak 1000 Kincir Angin and would later add to what the tour would require.

A visitor, Yunisha said the Taman Kitiran QTC Puncak 1000 Kincir Angin is located about 2.3 Km from the center of Solok, with hilly and steep road conditions which slightly spurred adrenaline from visitors when heading to the location.

"But all this is rewarded with its natural beauty," she said.

Yuni deliberately chose Taman QTC Puncak 1000 Kincir to become one of the photography spots with her peers.

"This is one of the current recommended tourist destinations in Solok, which is deliberately chosen with friends to take pictures and enjoy the natural atmosphere," she said.

According to her, in addition to the cool atmosphere with towering hills, the Puncak of 1000 Kincir Angin is also suitable to be a tourist place for families who want to spend the weekend here.

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Translated by : Internship Student of ANTARA 2019
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