Three sub-districts in Agam were hit by floods and landslides after heavy rain

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A landslide hoard the provincial road in Jorong Tantaman, Nagari Tigo Koto Silungkang, Palembayan District, Agam Regency, on Tuesday, June 11. (Agam BPBD Doc)

Agam (ANTARA) - As many as three sub-districts in Agam Regency, West Sumatra were hit by floods, landslides and fallen trees due to the high rainfall in the area on Tuesday, June 11 from afternoon until the night.

"There were no fatalities due to the disaster, but it caused material losses and was being calculated by the relevant agencies," said Head of the Emergency and Logistics Division of Agam District Disaster Management Agency Wahyu Bestari in Lubukbasung, on Wednesday.

He said the three sub-districts were in Jorong Galapuang, Nagari Tanjung Sani, Tanjungraya Sub-district with the disaster of overflowing water on the road and the courtyard of the Istighfar Mosque as high as 10-30 centimeters.

Whereas in Lapau Simpang, Nagari Ampek Koto Palembayan, Palembayan Subdistrict there is a fallen tree closing road access.

In Jorong Tantaman, Nagari Tigo Koto Silungkang, Palembayan Sub-district there was a landslide at three points on the provincial road connecting Pasaman Barat to Bukittinggi.

The rocky soil with an amount of about 1,000 cubic meters was cleared on Wednesday, June 12 in the morning, so the vehicle could pass through the area.

"On Wednesday, June 12 morning, we will continue to clean up the material," he said.

While in Jorong Malabur, Nagari Bawan, Ampeknagari Subdistrict there was a flood disaster soaking five housing units with a height of 30-40 centimeters.

In addition, in front of the sub-district office, Nagari Bawan, Ampeknagari Subdistrict, floods submerged eight housing units with a height of 30-50 centimeters.

Agam BPBD, he added, had deployed a water pump to dispose of water in memory of the house.

But the water does not decrease due to drainage is not around the residents' area

"This location is prone to flooding if rainfall is high because there is no drainage," he said. (*)

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