Solok Selatan increases the cleanliness of tourist destinations during Eid Mubarak

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Head of Solok Selatan Tourism and Culture Office Harry Trisna (ANTARA SUMBAR / Erik Ifansya Akbar)

Solok Selatan (ANTARA) - The government of Solok Selatan Regency, West Sumatra, will increases the cleanliness and provide garbage bins in tourist destination locations during the Eid holiday.

"We have coordinated with the Office of Environment and they are committed and ready to empower the cleaning services at tourist sites both managed by the Regency Government and by the community," said Head of the Solok Selatan Tourism and Culture Office Harry Trisna, in Padang Aro on Monday."

In addition, he would also increase the safety and comfort of visitors so that during the Eid holiday many tourists would come.

For example, he said, the large pool in the Hot Waterboom will not be activated because it can be dangerous because visitors are mostly the children.

Furthermore, he will also anticipate the illegal levies by traders and the surrounding community.

"We will make a leafleat so that no one will bully tourists while on vacation," he said.

At present tourism destinations managed by community groups have started the promotion by making leaflets and spreads on social media.

"We encourage tourism managers to make their own promotions as attractive as possible so that many tourists come to visit," he said.

Thus he said, the tourist destination manager who created himself made a promotion as attractive as possible to attract tourists.

"We will also try to make billboards in Padang and are expected to increase visits," he said.

Previously the Solok Selatan Resort Police will deploy 280 personnel consisting of 180 people assisted by the TNI 60 people, and from the local government 40 people to secure the flow of homecoming and the Idul Fitri holiday in 1440 Hijriah.

"These personnel are tentative, because they will be moved to tourist sites during Eid holidays to secure and maintain the Poskotis," said Solok Selatan Police Chief AKBP Imam Yulisdianto.

He said, when the homecoming officers focused on the security post, and they would be moved to tourist sites crowded with visitors to maintain security.

To secure the flow of homecoming Lebaran it set up three Tactical Command Posts in Muaralabuh Park, Padang Aro and Simpuk Lubuk Malako. (*)

Editor: Mutiara Ramadhani

Translated by: Internship Student 2019

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