South Solok Encourages Women To Preserve Traditional Clothing

id baju kuruang

Contest of 'baju kuruang basiba'. (Antara Sumbar/Erik IA/)

Padang Aro, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Government of South Solok District, West Sumatra encourages women to preserve traditional clothing and introduce it to young people and tourists who visit the area, South Solok Regent Muzni Zakaria stated in Padang Aro, Monday.

According to him, introduce local traditions and culture through dressed typical of the region in various ways is one step in the promotion of South Solok tourism.

It is including the design contest which can be an attraction for foreign tourists. Moreover, it introduces the identity of Minangkabau women's garmen such as 'baju kuruang basiba'.

This dress is Bundo Kanduang outfit as Limpapeh Rumah Nan Gadang. Clothing that is used by Bundo Kanduang is not just a fashion, but there is a symbolic meaning which full of values behind it.

The noble values embodied in the customary attire are leadership, firmness, responsibility, wisdom, thrift, hard work, adultery, piety, guidance and obedience. (cha)

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