Padang Panjang Provides Educational Tourism on Weekends

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Padang Panjang Provides Educational Tourism on Weekends

Dalius (ANTARA SUMBAR/ Ira Febrianti)

Padang Panjang, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Government of Padang Panjang Municipality, West Sumatra provides educational tours as an additional entertainment for tourists while visiting the area on weekends.

"Educational tour becomes a place for students and art lovers to channel their creativity by exploiting the existing potential here. That is in Center of Documentation and Information of Minangkabau Culture (PDIKM)," Secretary of Tourism Office of Padang Panjang, Dalius stated in Padang Panjang, Monday.

He explained the educational tourism contains of three patterns of activities namely digging Minangkabau potential from documents that already exist in PDIKM, and studying in the park and displaying art talent in stage or open arena in PDIKM.

The activity is also related to the program of local Education Department that holds outdoor learning for students.

"We facilitate students in the activities of outdoor learning which is also useful as an additional entertainment for tourists because it is held during weekend when tourists are busy on vacation," he explained.

He considered there are other benefits obtained through educational tourism in addition to provide entertainment for tourists, which encourages students to occupy themselves with learning the arts and culture of the region. (cha)

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