Bukittinggi Bulog Rice Supply Reached 3,000 Tons

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Bukittinggi, (Antaranews Sumbar) - State Logistics Agency (Bulog) of Bukittinggi Municipality, West Sumatra has a supply of 3,000 tons of rice that can fulfill the needs up to three months.

Head of Bulog Sub Divre Bukittinggi, Sultani in Bukittinggi, on Tuesday, said 3,000 tons of medium quality rice was sufficient for the distribution of social assistance for the prosperous rice for 98,782 beneficiary families (KPM) in the work area of Bulog Bukittinggi for three months.

The stock is stored in Bulog warehouse which spread in five locations, namely Kamang, Baso, Tanjung Pati, Lubuk Sikaping, and Manggopoh.

He said people do not have to worry about the availability of basic necessities because Bulog also has enough stock for other needs such as sugar, cooking oil and premium quality rice.

Staple goods are sold through our food homes (RPK) and through retail business.

The price applied for regular sugar Rp11,500 per kilogram, packaging sugar Rp12,500 per kilogram, cooking oil Rp12,500 per kilogram and premium rice Rp12,500 to Rp13,500 per kilogram.

While until the first week of March 2018, Bulog of Bukittinggi has absorbed 100 tons of rice from the target of 5,000 tons.

The absorbed rice is premium and medium quality rice which is generally bought from farmers in Pasaman, West Pasaman, Lima Puluh Kota, and Agam areas.

"Because it is in urban areas, the condition of agricultural land has been limited, so there are more absorption in the district," he said.

With sufficient food conditions and absorption efforts carried out by Bulog, people do not have to worry about the availability of basic commodities. (cha)

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