W Sumatra Should Develop Digital Based Tourism Information: Academician

id roni satria

Researcher of Socio-Cultural and Economic Studies Center of State University of Padang Roni Satria (center), Head of West Sumatra Investment Service Maswar Dedi (right) becomes speaker on dissemination research entitled Analysis of Investment Constraints and Breakthrough Efforts in Increasing Investment Sector Fisheries and Tourism of West Sumatra in Padang. (Antara)

Padang, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Academician of State University of Padang, West Sumatra Roni Satria M, SE recommends that local government should develop a digital-based tourism information system as a breakthrough.

"Based on research conducted, most tourists do not find an adequate tourism information system while they need information," he said in Padang, Wednesday.

He conveyed that to the dissemination of research entitled Analysis of Investment Obstacles and Breakthrough Efforts in Increasing Investment Sector Fisheries and Tourism of West Sumatra PKSBE cooperation with West Sumatra Bank Indonesia representative.

According to him, tourism information system that needs to be built can be accessed on one channel.

"So far, information about tourism objects more obtained from social media," he said.

He suggested that information is built include location features and navigation of tourist destinations, acting in attractions ranging from art, culture to sports.

Then information about the center of souvenirs, culinary and shopping tours, accommodation, transportation and the ordering and payment mechanism.

Then no less important is the information system complaints by tourists if there is any complaint, he said.

The West Sumatra Provincial Government has targeted the number of tourist arrivals to the area in 2018 at number about 8.2 million people, up from 2017 which reached about 7.6 million people.

"The number is divided to 55,700 foreign tourists and 8,170,000 domestic tourists," Head of Tourism Office of West Sumatra Oni Yulfian pointed out.

Oni said in recent years tourist destinations in West Sumatra continue to clean up and become worth selling to tourists.

Even innovation is also done, such as in the area of Thousand of Gadang Houses Area in South Solok District. Some houses start to function as hotels.

In addition, art and cultural events also began to develop such as Sawahlunto International Music Festival (SIMFest), Payokumbuah Botuang Festival and Padang Indian Ocean Music Festival (PIOMFest).

The events are believed to be able to attract tourists in addition to the events that had previously existed like Tabuik Piaman.

"Direct flight of Padang-Singapore and vice versa is also believed to be factors in supporting the increase of tourist visits to West Sumatra," he added. (cha)

Translator: Vicha Faradika
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