Ministry Encourages Tourism Planning in Regional Level

id Ministry Encourages Tourism Planning in Regional Level

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Denpasar, Bali, (Antara Sumbar) - Deputy of Development of Tourism Destination and Industry of Tourism Ministry Dadang Rizki Ratman encouraged every region in Indonesia to make development planning of the tourism sector to increase visits of tourists.

"Each region has tourism potentials which currently are not well planned so not many tourists visit the tourism objects," he said during "Tourism Planning Forum: Tourism Design Prototype Conference" in Sanur, Denpasar city, Bali province, Wednesday.

During the event that will last on Thursday, Ratman stated the development of tourism sector including its planning, regional mapping, regional potential to be developed as tourism objects and supporting power should be started in the regional level.

In addition, each region in Indonesia should have detailed planning in the fields of marketing and development of natural and human resources.

"In tourism industry, the marketing sector has an important role to promote tourism objects to domestic and foreign tourists," he stated.

He said the marketing sector had to be developed well, therefore, regional governments need to plan kinds of tourism destinations to be developed.

"Local governments must have tourism planning, so the tourism sector could help improve the society's welfare. If the tourism sector develop well, the society's income will improve," he stated.

Ratman stated that the development of tourism in Indonesia needs support from all parties and institutions. There had to be a synergy among ministries and institutions and also collaboration between local governments and private sector.

For example, a region with huge potential of tourism faced the issue of infrastructure development as visitors faced difficulties to reach the tourism objects. Overcoming the problem would need a synergy among related institutions to build supporting infrastructure including roads, seaports and airports.

He said that many tourism objects in Indonesia were still difficult to reach because they were not fully supported by transportation infrastructure. But he was optimistic that the future of tourism development in the regions would be better.

"Through this tourism conference, local governments and perpetrators in the tourism sector in all regions of Indonesia are expected to be able to share experiences as the participants of this meeting are from all regions in Indonesia," he said. (*)

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