Tour guides in Padang Pariaman undergo swab tests

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Tour guides in Padang Pariaman undergo swab tests

Head of Youth, Sports, and Tourism Office, Padang Pariaman Regency, W Sumatra, Jon Kenedi is undergoing a swab test at Nyarai post, Lubuk Alung Subdistrict, Padang Pariaman. (ANTARA/special)

Pariaman (ANTARA) - 34 Tour guides in Padang Pariaman, W Sumatra underwent swab tests which is held by provincial government to give the impression of being safe and comfortable to tourists when visiting this regency.

“This swab test is in collaboration with the West Sumatra Provincial Health Office through the Padang Pariaman Health Office," said Head of the Padang Pariaman District Youth, Sports and Tourism Office, Jon Kenedi at the Nyarai Post, Lubuk Alung, Monday.

He added that the swab test was a program from the West Sumatra Tourism Office for 99 tour guides and 200 tourism businesses in the province.

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He conveyed that after underwent the swab test for the tour guide, the test would be continued for the community engaged in the business of lodging, restaurants, and small and medium businesses.

"The goal is to make W Sumatra become a tourist destination which is free of COVID-19," he said.

He said at least in Padang Pariaman there were dozens of tour guides from three favorite tourism objects who underwent swab tests

He mentioned that the number of tour guides and attractions are from LA Rafting of six people, Rumah Putiah of three people, and Nyarai of 25 people.

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The swab test is one of the steps to ensure the health of tour guides in the area so that tourists can be comfortable and safe while on vacation to the tourist attraction.

He said that the attractions in Padang Pariaman have been opened since June 13, 2020 by following the health protocol.

He hopes that with these efforts the tourism economy can improve again without leaving the health protocol COVID-19.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani
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