West Sumatra gov't to mass produce hand sanitizer in LL Dikti Laboratory, it will distributed free for public

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West Sumatra gov't to mass produce hand sanitizer in LL Dikti Laboratory, it will distributed free for public

Deputy Governor Nasrul Abit when observing LL DIKTI Region X laboratory. (ANTARA / Miko Elfisha)

Padang (ANTARA) - West Sumatra Provincial Government began mass-producing hand sanitizers in the Higher Education Services Institute (LL DIKTI) Laboratory Region X to anticipate the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19).

"Our feedstock is limited but we have produced tens of liters. Hopefully on Monday can be distributed free to the public, "said Deputy Governor of West Sumatra Nasrul Abit contacted from Padang on Friday.

According to him, feedstocks obtained from one distributor in Padang, namely PT. Novalindo Jaya Utama as many as tens of liters have been distributed to the DIKTI LL laboratory to be formulated.

For maximum results, the hand sanitizer must be deposited three days before it can be used by the community.

Nasrul said that hand sanitizer is one of the needs of the community today to anticipate the spread of the corona virus. However, its presence in the market is very rare.

Some types of hand sanitizers sold by traders, including on social media but the producer is unknown. The price is also very expensive, reaching Rp270 thousand per bottle.

"The hand sanitizer which was formulated in the LLD DIKTI laboratory in Region X is WHO standard so it is safe to use," he said.

For the process it does not take long time because laboratory facilities and experts already exist.

"We strive to continue producing hand sanitizer, packaged in small spray bottles and distributed free to the public," he said.

He hopes that all institutions that have analytical laboratories can produce hand sanitizers at least for internal needs.

LL DIKTI Region X laboratory analyst Irna Humaira said the hand sanitizer produced was added with orange essential oil extract to disguise the smell of alcohol.

According to her the formula can be shared with anyone who needs it so they can mix by themselves.

Irna added, LL DIKTI region X opened space for other institutions or agencies if they wanted to produce hand sanitizers. The team of experts in the laboratory are ready to help the parties if they really want to produce it but in accordance with the procedures and s should submit a request letter.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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