Pasta Kangen Introduce Unique Food Names (Video)

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Customers are enjoying a mainstay menu at Kangen Pasta in Marapalam, Padang, W Sumatra, Friday (03/22). (ANTARA Sumbar/TARI)

Padang (ANTARA) - Pasta Kangen is the first restaurant in W Sumatra, especially in Padang city which was inaugurated on February 23, 2019. It has been opened in 62 cities in Indonesia.

This restaurant comes with its flagship menu of pasta with unique menu names such as Spaghetti Mama Muda (Young Mother), Fusilli Pacar Simpanan (Secret Lover), Fettuccine Pacar Bule (Caucasians Girlfriend), Penne Zitti (Other people’s Wife) and many others.

Chef in this restaurant, comes from five-star hotels.That is the thing which make they Paste different from other. "I hope this Miss Pasta restaurant develops in W Sumatra, and can add new branches in other cities in W Sumatra." Said the operational manager, Adi.

In addition to the pasta menu, this restaurant also provides other menu such as toast, snacks, banana nuggets, instant noodle, humburgers, pizza, and some chicken preparations. There is also Kangen menu with 13 kinds of choices that can enjoy for student .

The target of this restaurant is for the lower middle class community and is more dominant for young people who provide five-star taste and more economical prices.

The concept of the restaurant is suitable for young people. This cefe opens every day from 11.00 A.M to 22.00 P.M. The facilities provided are free wifi, free plugs and many more.

For this one month the turnover earned by this restaurant is around Rp3 million per day because the enthusiasm of the people who enjoy delicious meal.

Kangen Pasta which has opened since Februari 2019 is located on Dr. Sutomo 22 Marapalam, Padang (After the Marapalam bridge).

Written by : Internship Student of ANTARA SUMBAR 2019 from English Department State Polytechnic of Padang

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