Payakumbuh is Forming New Market To Run National Program

id Pasar rakyat

Riza Falepi. (ANTARA SUMBAR/Istimewa)

Payakumbuh, (Antaranews Sumbar) - The Government of Payakumbuh Municipality, West Sumatra is forming a new market in running a national program that targets 5,000 Pasar Rakyat (People's Market) in the territory of Indonesia until 2019.

"The establishment of market II of Payakumbuh is part of central government program in the form of people's market, so it must be succeeded," Payakumbuh Mayor, Riza Falepi stated in Payakumbuh.

People's Market which is named Market II of Payakumbuh located in Padang Kaduduak, North Payakumbuh Sub-district, local area.

Until now, the municipal government together with relevant agencies as well as local communities have undertaken various steps and discussion together for the preparation of market operations.

Padang Kaduduak Market which called market II of Payakumbuh will be effective on Thursday (May 3).

He believed the establishment of thr market is able to contribute to the economic turnaround and improve the welfare of community.

Meanwhile, the Office of Cooperatives and SME of Payakumbuh as Regional Organization (OPD) that handles technical matters is in the early stages of focus, so that the market functions marked by the existence of buying and selling activities.

Head of Department of Cooperatives and SME of Payakumbuh, Dahler said in the early stages it will not be imposed levies for traders who occupy kiosks and inns in the market.

"Now, it is not the time to think about the lease, because the main focus is such effort to make the market run well," he remarked. (cha)
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