Pertamina issued the Pinky Movement Partnership Program

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Pertamina issued the Pinky Movement Partnership Program

Pertamina (Special)

Padang (ANTARA) - Pandemic that hit the world has disturbed the life especially the economy. This conditions were impact to businessman and MSMEs in Indonesia of course.

Based on data issued by Lipi in its official account, various impacts of pandemic to MSMEs such as decreased in sales up to94,69 percent where up to 94.69 percent where mostly experienced by offline entrepreneurs up to 47.44 percent.

Decrease in sales income by 75 percent and prediction of closed businesses after November 2020 about 72.02 percent

In order to anticipate this, Pertamina issued the Pinky Movement Partnership Program, which is a program of providing super soft revolving credit loan capital along with its guidance to MSMEs and encouraging MSMEs to use non-subsidized LPG Bright Gas in the form of a maximum loan value of Rp 200 million, a maximum loan repayment period of 36 months with services administration 3 percent per year

For MSMEs who are interested in participating in the partnership program, they can contact Pertamina by phone 135 or access the website and email:

Like was done by owner of Ikan Bakar 17 restaurant, Johari, is one of the UMKMs who participated in the Pinky Movement Partnership Program. He revealed that this program is very helpful, especially in a pandemic situation.

“I feel grateful for the Pinky Movement Partnership Program. In addition to provide loans with very light credit, Pertamina also provides a Bright Gas cylinder exchange program. So that it lightens my burden, especially during the current situation and I can continue to use non-subsidized LPG, "said Johari.

General Manager of Pertamina MOR I, Gema Iriandus Pahalawan, said that in order to support MSMEs to rise from economic pressure due to the pandemic, PT Pertamina presented the Pinky Movement Partnership Program.

"The Pinky Movement Partnership Program provides a super light revolving capital that is really needed by MSMEs to get back up. Besides, it also carries out business coaching and development for the UMKM fostered," said Gema.

In the Pinky Movement Partnership Program, Gema said that his party encourages MSMEs to be able to use non-subsidized LPG through the 3 kg LPG conversion program to Bright Gas.

"The conversion program is carried out because reliable MSMEs do not depend on subsidized goods," said Gema.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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