Pesisir Selatan exhibits original batik Lumpo and Mandeh Rubiah to Jordan

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Pesisir Selatan exhibits original batik Lumpo and Mandeh Rubiah to Jordan

Regent Hendrajoni. (Antara West Sumatra / Didi Someldi Putra)

Painan (ANTARA) - The government of Pesisir Selatan Regency, W Sumatra will fill a stand to promote a variety of authentic local batik motifs in an exhibition in Jordan.

"If there is no obstacle the Chairman of the TP PKK Pesisir Selatan, Lisda Hendrajoni will attend," said the Pesisir Selatan Regent Hendrajoni in Painan on Monday.

He added that the opportunity was obtained after he explained a number of potentials in Pesisir Selatan to the Jordanian Embassy in Jakarta on Monday August 5.

"At that time I reviewed a variety of potentials ranging from tourism, which included the Integrated Maritime Tourism Area (KWBT) Mandeh and several other tourist attractions to a number of traditional batik motifs," he said.

After the presentation, he continued, an official from the Jordanian Embassy immediately responded positively by ensuring a stand to promote the original Pesisir Selatan batik motif at a major exhibition in the country.

He plans to introduce two original local batik at the event, namely Batik Lumpo and Batik Mandeh Rubiah.

According to him, both batik have their own uniqueness, starting from Batik Lumpo, whose coloring uses the sap from the Gambir plant and without using chemicals so it is more environmentally friendly.

While the Batik Mandeh Rubiah motives are made following the classic patterns in several books and carvings in the tourist attraction of the Mandeh Rubiah Gadang House, Silaut District, the local area.

He revealed that in the future traditional batik from the local area will continue to be developed as an effort to boost the economy of the community.

Next batik will be collaborated with several attractions so that it brings more benefits both to the popularity of batik, the popularity of attractions to have a good impact on the regional economy. (*)

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