Solok District to be a Smart City

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Gusmal. (ANTARA SUMBAR/Humas Pemkab Solok/)

Arosuka, (Antaranews) - Solok District, West Sumatra continues to improve the quality of public services to Smart City by signing a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) to 100 Smart Cities in Jakarta on Monday.

The signing of MoU was done by Solok Regent, Gusmal and Director General of Information Application of Ministry of Communications and Informatics, Samuel Abrijani Pangerapan, witnessed by Minister of Communications and Informatics RI, Rudiantara.

Then Solok District Communications Office invites Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to provide Internal Socialization Program Movement Towards 100 Smart Cities within local government.

Regent of Solok, Gusmal in here on Wednesday hoped that through the socialization, it can open a clearer insight and understanding of smart city, things which must be prepared and do so that Smart City in the region can be realized.

In addition, the government apparatus is more motivate in providing information to community quickly and accurately for the realization of good governance.

Many benefits will be felt when Smart City program is implemented. Among them, people in the countryside can get the same service. When they want to take care of administration or licensing, they do not need to go to Arosuka but they are only go to sub-district office.

Besides, Solok District Government also has done MoU with PT Telkom Witel for centralized internet supply facility, and it is currently in the process of installing and preparing facilities and infrastructure.

"In addition, we utilize several applications in public services such as LPSE (procurement administration), population, PPID (information services and documentation) and so on," he added. (cha)

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