BI Assesses Provincial Banks To Implement Non-cash Transaction

id BI Assesses Provincial Banks To Implement Non-cash Transaction

Bank Indonesia. (Antara)

Padang, (Antara Sumbar) - Head of Bank Indonesia (BI) Office of West Sumatra Representative, Endy Dwi Tjahjono assesses that the provincial banks are ready to implement non-cash transactions proclaimed by the central government.

Economic growth with non-cash transactions will be stronger as it will support government and private performance, he said in Padang on Thursday.

With non-cash transactions, he said it will create the efficiency of time and energy, especially in non-cash transactions with no administrative costs incurred.

Basically non-cash transactions to facilitate the public to conduct transactions in the bank using the internet, cell phones and automated teller machines (ATM) without using cash.

The advantage is more secure and practical, people do not have to queue for payment, he said.

If the local government, companies or private parties want to conduct non-cash transactions in the institution, just contact one of the banks, then later all the technical will be prepared.

"Banking in West Sumatra already understand the way of technical implementation," Endy said.

Then, he said later all the banks in West Sumatra will also compete in a healthy effort to implement such non-cash transactions.

"In the competition, banks indirectly socialize non-cash movement to the public," he added. (cha)

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