Unand Students were Very Enthusiastic to Participate in Mass Vaccines

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Unand Students were Very Enthusiastic to Participate in Mass Vaccines

Mahasiswa Unand Antusias Ikuti Vaksinasi Massal (ANTARA/Mahasiswa Magang)

Padang (ANTARA) - Massive vaccination which held by Andalas University, Padang, Sumatera Barat on Thursday (15/7) in Auditorium welcomed with enthusiastic students and also get acceptance from lecturer and staff.

Andalas University is intensifying the national vaccination movement in order to prepare for the new academic year 2021/2022 and the vaccine is targeted to be injected to all of its students.

“we gave the vaccine to 1.500 lecturers and 28.000 students. And the good news is we involved the society around campus to get the vaccine. This is the incredible collaboration between Andalas University and Padang city government.” Said Vice Rector for Student Andalas University Insannul Kamil in Auditorium.

“we expected everyone can get vaccinate very soon and hopefully we safe from corona virus” he explained.

The Mayor of Padang Hendri Septa when reviewing the vaccination activities at Andalas University expressed his gratitude for the initiative of Andalas University. "Hopefully everyone will participate and our target in the city of Padang is 720.000 people who will be vaccinated. This is indeed the target of the central agency," he said.

Mass vaccination was officially supported by the health department as a form of support for Andalas University.

This time, the type of vaccine is Sinovac with 0.5 ml dose according to government standards.

Previously, it was planned for only one day, however, due to enthusiasm as seen from the large number of participants, the vaccination will be continued on Friday (16/7) and after 28 days, the second stage of vaccination will be carried out.

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