Padang City Government discuss about five new destinations to stimulate tourism

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Padang City Government  discuss about five new destinations to stimulate tourism

Head of the Padang Tourism Office, Arfian. (Antarasumbar / FathulAbdi)

Padang (ANTARA) - The Government of Padang, West Sumatra discussed five new tourist destinations to continue to expand tourism in local areas that have been sluggish due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Currently there are five new destinations that we have prepared in Padang," said the Head of the Padang Tourism Office, Arfian in Padang, Thursday.

Four of the five tourist objects are hilly destinations, namely Bukit Mata Air, Bukit Nobita, Karan, and Bukit Gado-Gado.

While one other object is ecotourism which is on Sungai Bangek, Koto Tangah District.

He said that currently the Tourism Awareness Group has been formed in the five places which will contribute to advancing their respective tourist objects.

Meanwhile, the Padang City Government supports by providing assistance and fostering the Tourism Awareness Group that has been formed.

"We focus on changing the mindset so that management is carried out professionally," he said.

According to Arfian, the Government cannot provide a direct budget to build the destination due to constraints on budget usage regulations.

"The land status belongs to the community. So that the budget cannot be used directly," he said.

The sources of funds that could be used such as assistance funds from third parties or aspirations of senators.

He said that the five destinations are actually well known by the community, but the management must be done professionally so that the destinations are more advanced and lift the economy of the local community.

On the other hand, the Government also tried to maintain a positive image of popular tourist destinations such as Padang Beach, Air Manis Beach, Gunuang Padang, and others.
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