Fantastic, add electric power of super wow program attracts 2,234 West Sumatra PLN customers

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Fantastic, add electric power of  super wow program attracts 2,234 West Sumatra PLN customers

GM PLN West Sumatra Main Unit Bambang Dwiyanto explained about the added electric power program for household communities (Ist)

Padang (ANTARA) - The 2020 Independence Gebyar Add Power of Super WOW Program from PLN so interest the customers, it was prooven from as many as 2,234 customers have registered.

"Since it was launched last July, 2234 West Sumatra PLN customers have registered who participated in the 2020 Independence Festival," said General Manager of PLN UIW West Sumatra Bambang Dwiyanto in Padang on Tuesday.

According to him, the high enthusiasm of the community is beyond PLN's expectations, but this was verry good because it showed the stretching of economic growth and increasing community activities that require higher electrical power.

Bambang said the big discount became an attraction for customers to register this program, especially the electricity demand for household tariff customers getting higher during this pandemic.

"At present there are 2,234 registrants and the number is still increasing, we also continue to improve the socialization because we want the entire community to know and take advantage of this Super WOW program. PLN is ready to meet the electricity needs of customers to remain comfortable and productive at home," Bambang added.

Thousands of registrants come from various regions in West Sumatra, including 1,224 registrants from the working area of the Customer Service Implementation Unit (UP3) Padang, 345 registrants from the Bukittinggi working area, 480 registrants from UP3 Solok, and 185 from the UP3 Payakumbuh working area.

Just to pay Rp170-thousands, customers can add power up to 5500 VA through a program that is valid until September30, 2020.

This program is one of PLN's efforts to provide easiness for the community to meet their electricity needs, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic which caused high electricity demand due to the activities that turned to homes.

Discounts add electric power of super wow program is special for household tariff customers ranging from 450 Volt Ampere (VA) to 4,400 VA with the final power choice being 2,200 VA to 5,500 VA.

Customers just pay Rp. 170,845, - from the normal price it can reach Rp. 4,893,450. PLN ensured there was no difference in electricity tariffs for household customers with 1300 to 5500 VA power, all are the same as Rp. 1,467.- / kwh.

Customers who want to take this promo can directly contact PLN through PLN 123 Contact Center, which can be accessed on cellphones (area code + 123), telephone 123, e-mail, Twitter @ pln_123, Facebook PLN 123, Instagram @ pln123_official, website, PLN MOBILE application, as well as through the nearest PLN Customer Service Unit Office.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani
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