Geopark Jenjang Seribu in Pasaman Barat offers various natural charms

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Geopark Jenjang Seribu in Pasaman Barat offers various natural charms

One of the waterfalls in the Jenjang Seribu Geopark area, Pasaman Barat Regency. In addition to dozens of waterfalls, the region has a variety of potential to be developed into a tourist area. (ANTARA / Altas Maulana)

Simpang Empat (ANTARA) - Jenjang Seribu is one of the Geopark areas in Pasaman Barat Regency, W Sumatra, which offers various of charm and potential to be developed.

"The Geopark area or Jenjang Seribu is located in Lubuak Landua, Pasaman Subdistrict," said the coach of the Pasaman Barat Talamau Geopark, Bodal at Simpang Empat, Wednesday.

The Jenjang Seribu Geopark area has quite complete categories as ecotourism, educational agro tourism and other natural potentials.

It has a height of about 700 meters above sea level (masl) visitors can see the sunset and sunrise which has a very exotic perspective at the coast of Sasak and Simpang Empat as the capital of Pasaman Barat is very clearly visible.

Types of ancient rocks of andesite and pyroplatic lava from the eruption of the Talamau eruption can also be found as well as 17 waterfalls with clear and cool water ready to welcome visitors there.

Then, the peak of Mount Talamau as high as 2982 Mdp can be reached via Jenjang Seribu.

In addition, the chirping of various birds can be heard clearly and other scenes that are very beautiful.

Bodal admitted that the Jenjang Seribu Geopark was not very well known. But this area has been recognized nationally and entered the national geopark area.

This area has the potential to be developed towards eco-based and community-based agro-tourism that can create job opportunities through the services of guides, transportation providers, homestays, selling handicrafts, and so on.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Talamau Geopark, Roby Zandriko, said the Jenjang Seribu area offers three potential pillars.

First at the beginning of entering the Jenjang Seribu area there is a religious tourism Surau Lubuak Landua which is a culture in studying religion with a variety of cultures and prohibited fish tourism.

The second pillar, the Jenjang Seribu area offers geology in the form of piroplastic lava which is a former larval burst from Mount Talamau.

Around the area there are 17 waterfalls and the third pillar offers bio diversity.

"On the high of 640 to 1,600 masl above and from the results of expert research there are 176 species of birds. In addition there are also rafflesia plants and other animals. The three pillars are supporting the Jenjang Seribu geopark," said Robby.

"Ideally, this potential can be used as an effort to improve the citizens' economy. A creative economy can be developed and will open jobs," he said.

Visitors who want to go to the Jenjang Seribu Geopark Area can go directly to Jorong Lubuak Landua which is about 30 minutes from Simpang Empat.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramdhani
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