New normal era, "Pohon Seribu", Sasak Beach tourist attraction in Pasaman Barat return crowded

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New normal era, "Pohon Seribu", Sasak Beach tourist attraction in Pasaman Barat return crowded

Visitors start visiting the "Pohon Seribu"(thousand tree), Sasak Beach tourist attraction in Pasaman Barat Regency during the holiday after the PSBB period ends on Sunday. (ANTARA / Altas Maulana)

Simpang Empat (ANTARA) - "Pohon Seribu" (thousand tree), Sasak beach in Pasaman Barat Regency, W Sumatra, returned crowded to be visited by the people after the new normal implementation in the area.

A number of traders said their sales began to increase, especially on Saturdays and Sundays because visitors began to arrive.

"The presence of the visitors had a positive impact on our economic development," said one trader Romi.

He said that since the closure of attractions during the Large Scale Social Restriction (PSBB) their economy was down because they could not sell in that place.

"With the end of the PSBB and entering a new normal, the pohon seribu tourism area return to be visited again," he said.

Coordinator of the Central Operations Control Task Force for the Acceleration of COVID-19 Handling, Pasaman Barat Edi Busti hopes that the implementation of this new normal can grow the people's economy.

However, traders or service providers must implement the COVID-19 preventive health protocol by wearing masks, providing a place to wash hands and keep a distance.

His party has provided information and protocols that must be obeyed by traders in tourist attractions.

In addition, service providers or restaurants were also given socialization about the implementation of the new normal to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

"Visitors are expected to continue to wear masks and wash their hands frequently when going to tourist attractions," he hoped. *
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