To boost productivity, Tagana in Solok City develops a fish farming business in bucket

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To boost productivity, Tagana in Solok City develops a fish farming business in bucket

Coordinator of Solok City Disaster Alert Cadets Nanda Priatama when showing fish farming in a bucket. (Ist)

Solok (ANTARA) - Disaster Alert Cadets (Tagana) Solok City, W Sumatra is developing a fish farming business in bucket to boost productivity amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The cultivation of fish in a bucket is very suitable as an alternative home business to meet the needs and increase family income," said Tagana Coordinator of Solok City Nanda Priatama in Solok, Thursday.

He said at the first stage, Tagana Kota Solok only had five units of fish cultivation in a bucket produced from personnel. We plan to add more cultivation media so that these side businesses will grow.

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According to him, the media used is quite simple, only using a modified bucket filled with water and fish seeds.

The types of fish that are kept are catfish. One bucket unit with a capacity of 70 liters, can accommodate as many as 70 fish seedlings.

"Aside to grow fish farm, the bucket can also be used to grow vegetables, so that in addition to fish farming, it also grows vegetables at the same time," he said.

Nanda said the fish farming business in the bucket was a recommendation from Wahana Muda Indonesia (WMI), one of the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) engaged in the field of disaster and humanity.

"This business is very suitable for the people of Solok City, most of them have limited land for agriculture. This business can be done in a home yard environment with low budget," he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor of Solok, Reinier was really appreciated the ideas carried out by Tagana Solok City together with the WMI institution. According to him, Solok City needs creative ideas from the community to develop the economy.

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"Cultivating fish in a bucket is a very good effort made by the younger generation of Solok City in encouraging the development of creative businesses, and this can be done by everyone," he said.

Moreover, amid the Corona outbreak, people can fill their free time with simple, low-cost businesses to help the family economy. This is a good business to use your yard to be productive.

Previously, the Solok City Government indeed encouraged the community to utilize vacant areas in their yards with productive businesses, such as growing vegetables, cultivating fish and fruit crops.

"To face this new normal era, we hope that creative ideas from the community and the apparatus will be born, so that productivity is maintained and the economy continues to run even in difficult conditions like now," he said.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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