Palm oil Industry in W Sumatra remains normal during Covid-19

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Palm oil Industry in W Sumatra remains normal during Covid-19

Oil Palm Fresh Fruit Marks (FFB) which are excellent in the field of plantations in Jambi Province. (ANTARA / Nanang Mairiadi)

Padang (ANTARA) - The palm oil industry in West Sumatra from plantations to mills remains normal and is not affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

"So far there has been no effect on the palm oil industry in W Sumatra," said the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA)/ GAPKI of W Sumatra branch, Bambang Wiguritno through an online press conference on Wednesday.

According to him the company's operational activities and productivity were not disturbed. Likewise with the price of Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) which are still at a good level and are not affected by COVID-19.

The distribution of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) remained well and normal. Besidesbeing included in strategic commodities , the smooth transportation is also supported by completeness that is fulfilled by the palm oil companies in W Sumatra in the form of ownership of operational and mobility licenses issued by the Ministry of Industry.

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Based on data compiled by W Sumatra IPOA, currently there are a total of around 494,726 hectares of oil palm plantations in the province.

Although not affected by COVID-19, according to Bambang, palm oil entrepreneurs in W Sumatra remain vigilant. The operational protocol for oil palm plantations prepared and instructed by the central IPOA has been socialized and implemented with strict discipline.

The implementation of the protocol included the use of masks, hand washing, restrictions in and out of the garden, and spraying disinfectants in several areas.

In order to prevent and reduce impacts on the community, W Sumatra IPOA also continues to coordinate and cooperate with The Task Force for Acceleration of Covid-19 Handling.

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Bambang said that so far at least as much as Rp 2.7 billion has been donated by W Sumatra IPOA, and the oil palm companies that are members of W Sumatra IPOA. Its value can still continue to grow. The donation was handed over to the hospital in the form of personal protective equipment (PPE) and masks as well as food assistance to the surrounding community.

Bambang hoped the government would continue to support the smooth process of production and distribution of oil palm in W Sumatra so that it would continue to run as usual in the midst of a large-scale Social Restriction (PSBB) because according to him, without the support of the government, oil palm production in W Sumatra can not run optimally.

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