Six potential of maladministration in distribution of social assistance COVID-19

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Six potential of maladministration in distribution of social assistance COVID-19

the Ombudsman Head of W Sumatra, Yefri Heriani. (ANTARA / special)

Padang (ANTARA) - Ombudsman of W Sumatra revealed six potential maladministrations in the distribution of social assistance related to Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) in the province which needed to be prevented by relevant stakeholders.

"Based on the results of the study, we found that there was no special complaint channel for COVID-19 social assistance at the provincial and district government levels, it has the potential to cause maladministration ranging from procedural irregularities to abuse of authority," said W Sumatra's Ombudsman Head Yefri Heriani on Tuesday.

According to her the first potential for maladministration was the occurrence of procedural deviations from the collection of social assistance data collection from the RT level to the ministry level.

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Then the request for compensation in the form of voluntary donations by some elements to the recipient of social assistance as a thank you.

Then abuse of authority that might occur at the RT level to the Governor.

Next there are conflicts of interest that may occur on various parties from the family to the village government due to group, ethnic or family relations so that services are not provided as appropriate.

Furthermore, it does not provide services that occur since data collection on social assistance from the RT level to the ministry level.

She conveyed that one of them was when there was a complaint, the authorities authorized just give simple answers, unclear, confusing, did not know, please ask to other parties , the provincial and central government.

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The last, the government apparatus siding with a group so that the group are more preferred on getting social assistance while other groups are not considered.

Based on the study results, the Ombudsman suggested that the governor instruct Regional Working Unit (OPD) regarding information / complaints, complaints handling procedures, and complaints management officers in the distribution of social assistance.

the Bureau Head of W Sumatra Provincial Government Public Relations Jasman Rizal expressed his gratitude for the results of the quick study conducted by the W Sumatra Ombudsman because it was quite useful.

He conveyed that today we will make a Governor's instruction letter to the regents and mayors to make a special complaint channel for the COVID-19 social assistance, procedures, mechanisms and the responsibility.

Transleted by: Mutiaran Ramadhani

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