Several cities promote regional handicraft products in Pariaman

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Several cities promote regional handicraft products in Pariaman

Head of the Regional Commissariat I Association of Indonesia Municipalities Firdaus (two right) together with Mayor Pariaman Genius Umar (right) visited the Pariaman City Government stand at the City Expo. (ANTARA / Aadiaat M.S.)

Pariaman (ANTARA) - Several cities of the Region I Association of Indonesia Municipalities promoted their regional handicraft products at City Expo at the series of Regional Working Meetings (Rakerwil) I on March 17-21.

"About 20 stands from several cities that took part in the City Expo," said Head of Pariaman City Cooperatives and SMEs Trade Industry Gusniyetti Zaunit after visiting the stand at the City Expo on Gandoriah Beach, Pariaman, Wednesday.

He mentioned the cities that took part in the City Expo included Pariaman, Pekanbaru, Medan, Padang, Payakumbuh, Solok, and Sawahlunto.

He conveyed that the cities displayed a number of handicraft products in their respective regions at the City Expo.

He said it was planned that the number of stands at the City Expo would be attended by around 50 stands but because of the Covid-19 outbreaks, a number of agendas at the activity were canceled.

The activities that canceled such as the performance of local artists and the selection of genre ambassadors.

The opening of the event was not officially done to reduce the crowd.

Then a number of other activities were also canceled, such as the indang dance performances of thousands of students and parades.

Previously thousands of students in Pariaman canceled performing indang dances to enliven the event which was held in the area to prevented the spread of Covid-19.

"Because there was an outbreak of the Corona virus, several agendas were canceled," said Mayor of Pariaman Genius Umar at the event in Pariaman.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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