Pariaman hands over implementation of tourism event to community

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Pariaman hands over implementation of tourism event to community

Acting Head of Tourism and Culture Agency, Pariaman, W Sumatra, Arfian. (Antara/Aadiaat M.S)

Pariaman (ANTARA) - The Government of Kota Pariaman, W Sumatra aims to be visited by four million tourists during 2020 by changing the mechanism of organizing the event.

“Strat from this year as 38 of 48 events in Kota Pariaman would be held by community,” said Acting Head of Pariman Tourism and Culture Agency, Arfian in Pariman on Monday.

He explained the delivery of the event to the community because he wanted to give a chance to the community for active in developed the tourism in that area.

Other than that tourism actors or who would met directly with tourists were the community.

“So, Regional Governments are only as regulator and supervisor,” he said.

If the event organizer in that area from the community so the member of the community who come from various region can visit Pariaman and increase the number of tourist visits.

“If this event is success, in the next year all of events in Pariaman will be held by the community,” he said.

He said at least the event in that area was started from March and continue in every month to November with different event.

First event was started from Indang Pariaman Festival, Tour de Pariaman, Gondoriah art Festival, Pariaman Internasional Music Fest, Piaman Food Festival, Tabuik Piaman Festival, Pariaman Internasional Run, Vlogger Summer Camp, and Back To Nature.

He added although he has a target of increasing tourist visits but he prefers to improve the quality of tourism in the area.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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