The Mayor of Pariaman offers a place for the promotion of UKM Pasaman Barat

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The Mayor of Pariaman offers a place for the promotion of UKM Pasaman Barat

Avocados from Pasaman Barat, W Sumatra were exhibited at the business meeting of micro, small and medium businesses between the area and Kota Pariaman, at Simpang Empat. Wednesday. (ANTARA / Aadiaat M. S.)

Simpang Empat (ANTARA) - The Government of the City of Pariaman, W Sumatra, offers a place in a tourist attraction to Pasaman Barat Regency to promote the products of small and medium businesses (SMEs).

"We are willing to provide a place in the City of Pariaman to promote Pasaman Barat SME products which are located in tourist attractions in Pariaman," Mayor Pariaman, Genius Umar said on Wednesday.

He said the existence of Pasaman Barat SME products on display in Pariaman was not only beneficial for one region but also both. Because Pasaman Barat SME products can be known and bought by tourists and tourist visits to Pariaman also increased, he said.

According to him, SME products in Pasaman Barat have been well developed but need to increase promotion, "he said.

He said if Pasaman Barat Regency Government accepted the offer, his side would provide a place in a tourist attraction in Pariaman.

"This will be the center of Pasaman Barat SME products in Pariaman which will be visited a lot," he said.

Meanwhile, Pasaman Barat Regent, Yulianto said the area had many SME products that had a distinctive taste.

"One of them is Talu Arabica coffee which tastes special," he said.

Pasaman Barat also has an excellent commodity, the avocado, which is served to athletes at the 2018 Asian Gemes exhibition and conference held at the Office of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Transletedby: Mutiara Ramadhani

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