Some advantages if Payakumbuh success become rendang supplier for pilgrims

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Some advantages if Payakumbuh success become rendang supplier for pilgrims

Payakumbuh Deputy Mayor Erwin Yunaz. (ANTARA / Akmal Saputra)

Payakumbuh (ANTARA) - As the largest rendang producing region, the Government of Payakumbuh City, W Sumatra will endeavor to become a supplier of rendang for Indonesian pilgrims who carry out the pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

“Payakumbuh is The City of Randang is not just a slogan but our city is the biggest producer of rendang so, we will try to make rendang become food supplies for pilgrims,” said Deputy Mayor of Payakumbuh City, Erwin Yunaz, Monday.

The government of Payakumbuh would try to lobby the Central Government.

“In rendang center, it is not only from beef but we have various of rendang such as rendang from egg, chicken, shrimp, cow lungs, jackfruit and other types. There are approximately 30 types,” he said.

Erwin said if rendang in Payakumbuh trusted for this, there will be many benefits for Rendang SMEs, cattle ranchers and spices producers.

"Every year, on average there are 250,000 pilgrims in Indonesia, if rendang is consumed once a day by pilgrims, there will be 10 million pieces of rendang provided," he said.

From 10 million pieces of rendang, 5,000 cattle are needed, about 300 tons of cooking spices and two million coconuts.

At present the Payakumbuh city government has provided regulations to drive existing Rendang SMEs. At present, all Rendang SMEs have been centered at the Rendang Payakumbuh center in Padang Kaduduak.

"We gather these SMEs in the form of cooperatives. So we help groups, not individually anymore," he said.

So now we have determined the right technology for cooking, packaging and preserving.

"We will continue to build communication with the provincial and central governments so that rendang of Payakumbuh can become distributors of pilgrims, at least pilgrims from W Sumatra," he said.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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