The opening of the KTNA XVI national week will be held in Padang Pariaman and closing in Padang

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The opening of the KTNA XVI national week will be held in Padang Pariaman and closing in Padang

W Sumatra Governor, Irwan Prayitno visits the Penas Tani (national farming week) land in Padang Pariaman. (ANTARA / Ist)

Padang (ANTARA) - Governor of W Sumatra, Irwan Prayitno ensured the opening ceremony of the XVI Andalan Fishermen Farmers National Week (Penas-KTNA) will be held in Padang Pariaman and the closure in the City of Padang.

"It's final. Now we focus on preparing for this activity to be successfully carried out, "he said in Padang, Friday.

Previously, the Penas Tani program was planned to be focused in Padang from opening to closing. But in the process, the team from the central government assessed that the area was not ready for some core activities and shifted the implementation to Padang Pariaman.

The program that was shifted was opening, technology and exhibition. While discussions and indoor seminars will continue to be held in Padang.

Meanwhile, for lodging participants who are expected to number 60 thousand people from representatives of 500 cities and regencies from 34 provinces in Indonesia continue to use residents in Padang and Padang Pariaman.

Irwan said that for a location in Padang Pariaman, an area of 30 hectares had been prepared.

It is expected that in the next six months, all will be completed and ready to be used because success as the host of a national event is the pride of W Sumatra.

Meanwhile, Head of the Horticultural Food and Agriculture Office of W Sumatra, Candra, said preparations were going according to plan

Some interesting activities to be held, including the exhibition of alsintan, wet area technology, private technology, technology and animal husbandry technology, fruit growing technology , horticultural technology and expo, palawija technology degree, and fisheries expo.

Farmers and ranchers in W Sumatra will get extraordinary knowledge during the Penas Tani which is expected to be applied on their own land.

The opportunity was also a place to show the excellence of agriculture in W Sumatra.

The Penas Tani is planned to be held on June 20-25, 2020.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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