West Sumatra was visited by 5,276 foreign tourists in October

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West Sumatra was visited by 5,276 foreign tourists in October

A number of workers completed the construction of the Pantai Puruih logo in Padang, W Sumatra. Padang City Government built the main stage with the logo "Pantai Puruih Padang" as a tourism support facility in the city. (Antara / Iggoy El Fitra)

Padang (ANTARA) - The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of W Sumatra recorded foreign tourist visits to the province in October 2019 reaching 5,276 people or increase 18,96 percent than in September 2019 reaching 4.435 people.

"One of the factor of the increase in the number of foreign tourist visits to W Sumatra in October 2019 is because of several agendas such as the Siti Nurbaya Gowes International held by the Padang City Government," said Head of BPS of W Sumatra, Sukardi in Padang on Monday.

He mentioned the visit of foreign tourists in October 2019 contributed 0.39 percent to the total number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia totaling 1,354,396 people.

Sukardi conveyed that in October 2019 the visit was dominated by 4.271 tourists from Malaysia, 264 from Australia and 64 from USA.

Then, Singapore 61 people, England 47 people, New Zealand 38 people, Brazil 34 people, France 30 people, China 30 people, Germany 28 and other countries 409 people.

He confirmed that the number recorded was those who entered through immigration at the Minangkabau International Airport, if previously from Jakarta or Medan it would be recorded at the arrival airport.

Previously the Association of Tourism Travel Companies (Asita) of W Sumatra reminded the local government to promote tourism objects appropriately so that the target of tourist visits can be filled.

"Tourism promotion is necessary, but it must be done appropriately, for W Sumatra, the foreign tourist market is Malaysia so, we need to do the promotion there," said Asita W Sumatra Chair Ian Hanafiah.

According to him the most foreign tourists visiting W Sumatra came from Malaysia and this was supported by direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Padang.

He stated that now that must be focused is how to bring Malaysian tourists to W Sumatra as much as possible.

"One of them is by holding a socialization exhibition in Malaysia on a large scale," he said.

Then one of the breakthroughs that can be conceived is to package the concept of travel tracing the ancestral trail because in Malaysia quite a lot of local residents who have a relationship with the Minangkabau tribe.

Not only that with the Tour de Singkarak bicycle racing event can be a new opportunity, namely cycling tours.

Transleted by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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