Pariaman city government closes tours to the island

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Pariaman city government closes tours to the island

Mayor of Pariaman, W Sumatra Genius Umar (three left) punched tourist ship that sank yesterday at Pariaman waters on Sunday. (Antara / Aadiaat M. S)

Pariaman (ANTARA) - The Government of Pariaman, W Sumatra temporarily closed a tourist visit to the island in the area after the sinking of a tourist boat on Saturday Oct 26, afternoon which caused a tourist death.

"We will close it for the next 15 days to fix the existing system while waiting for the results of the investigation," Mayor Pariaman Genius Umar said in Pariaman on Sunday.

He said improvements were made, starting from the inspection of the ship's feasibility, the ship's captain, to the departure system.

He conveyed the improvement involved a number of parties ranging from related agencies to the Water and Air Police and the Port Authority.

Not only that, he continued, he will also fix the management and supervision system of tourist ships to prevent unfortunate events.

"Actually, ship and captain inspections have often been carried out, but now it is carried out in as much detail as possible," he said.

He explained that the incident occurred because the weather was bad but the ship continued to travel, strong waves hit the ship so that water entered the ship's hull.

He mentioned 25 meters before the island of Angso Duo, the puddle of water inside the ship was getting higher, then the ship was shaking and sinking.

He said if within 15 days the improvement had not been completed, he would add to the closing period of the island tour.

Translated by: Mutiara Ramadhani

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