Rabab Pasisia becomes mandatory entertainment for every official government event

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Rabab Pasisia becomes mandatory entertainment for every official government event

Rabab Pasisie.

Painan (ANTARA) - The Government of Pesisir Selatan Regency, W Sumatra, will present Rabab Pasisia which is a traditional art from the area as a compulsory entertainment at official events in the area.

"In the future Rabab Pasisia will be held at official events, although there are some things that we also consider in its implementation," said the Regent of Pesisir Selatan, Hendrajoni in Lengayang District, Pesisir Selatan, on Thursday.

He said, the appearance of Rabab Pasisia art was part of an effort to preserve the art to the public and introduce it to invited guests.

Moreover, he said, the art of Rabab Pasisia or also popularly known as "Babiola" was designated a Cultural Heritage of No Object (WBTB) by the Ministry of Education and Culture in mid-August 2019.

"Nowadays there are various kinds of art performances and it is indeed unavoidable, and it is our duty together to make various efforts so that traditional arts still exist," he said again.

He mentioned other efforts made so that traditional arts still exist is to build the Rabab Pasisia monument in the capital of the local district.

"The construction of the monument is almost complete, and will become an icon. "Everyone who goes to Pesisir Selatan, especially from the city of Padang, will see the monument before reaching the district capital," he said.

Rabab Pasisia has its own composition of tones depending on the rabab player, the song that is delivered there is a story about a legendary figure, joy in life and so forth.

The Rabab Pasisia musical instrument is similar to a violin, except that the violin is played by violinists sitting or standing, and positioning it on shoulder.

While Rabab Pasisia is played by a violinist in cross legged and the instrument is supported by feet.

Translated by:Mutiara Ramadhani

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