Tanah Datar develops Lake Singkarak become national Geopark area

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Tanah Datar develops Lake Singkarak become national Geopark area

Tanah Datar develops Lake Singkarak become national Geopark area

Batusangkar (ANTARA) - The Government of Tanah Datar Regency, W Sumatra held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) in order to develop Lake Singkarak become a national Geopark area.

District secretary of Tanah Datar District, Irwandi in Batusangkar , on Wednesday said with the establishment of Lake Singkarak as one of the national Geopark indirectly also protects and preserves the high-value geological components in The lake.

"It is hoped that the preservation and utilization of sustainable geological heritage sites can be developed and will increase the excellence of Tanah Datar as a major destination in W Sumatra," he said.

For the realization of this, the Government of the Tanah Datar has been conducting the dossier of Lake Singkarak and has also been made a verification by the geological Agency of the Ministry of Energy and Resources (ESDM RI).

All of them also need the involvement of all parties and the role of local people in advancing tourism in Tanah Datar especially the lake Singkarak Geopark.

Moreover, the area of Lake Singkarak is owned by two districts, namely, Tanah Datar and Solok regency.

It is expected coordination and cooperation between two districts in the development of Lake Singkarak into a national Geopark area," he said.

One of the benefits and objectives of the development of the Geopark is as a development and maintain the environment, improving people's welfare and reducing poverty.

Moreover, it also secures the supply of clean water resources in the Geopark area, maintaining the balance of the area ecosystem, and preventing illegal mining.

Transleted By: Mutaira Ramadhani

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