Tourism become the spirit to drive West Sumatra's economic

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Tourism become the spirit to drive West Sumatra's economic

Visitors enjoy the atmosphere of the peak of Gunung Padang, in Padang, W Sumatra, (Antara / Iggoy El Fitra)

Padang (ANTARA) - Bank Indonesia of W Sumatra, assesses that tourism is an economic driving spirit in the province, but the sector has not been exploited optimally.

"Almost all tourists who come to W Sumatra admire its natural beauty, but it has not been explored in depth," said Chief of Bank Indonesia of W Sumatra, Wahyu Purnama in Padang on Tuesday.

According to him, although the beauty of West Sumatra is recognized for its beauty, so far it has not been optimal in promoting it.

"The governor needs to work together with regents and mayors to promote tourism potential in this area," he said.

He suggested that the year of tourism should be launched by taking a number of strategic events such as the Tabuik Festival, the Minangkabau Cultural Festival, to the songket carnival in Sawahlunto.

Wahyu conveyed that one of the things being done at the moment is to conceptualize the development of W Sumatra tourism.

In addition, currently at Bank Indonesia in West Sumatra, we require employees on certain days to wear clothing from songket fabric as a means of promotion and animate SME products in W Sumatra, he said.

He measures that this small step will encourage SMEs to be enthusiastic and if it is done massively by the regional head, it will develop even more. On the other hand he sees the development of tourism in W Sumatra in line with the development of the sharia economy.

"For the development of the sharia economy, it is quite simple that all hotels have a direction for Qibla, clean toilets, a good payer room and mosque and a halal logo in the restaurant," he said.

In this case the municipal district government can hold a toilet and prayer room competition in the tourist attraction area, he continued.

He added that if the tourism sector develops, the hotel will grow, culinary will thrive and SME products will be in demand so the economy will grow.

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Translated by: Mutiara Ramadhani - Intership Student of ANTARA 2019
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