Horse race will be held again in Padang Panjang

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Horse race will be held again in Padang Panjang

Illustration. Antara, W Sumatra / Taufan Razak)

Padang Panjang (ANTARA) - The Government of Padang Panjang held a horse racing track at Bancah Laweh racetrack on October 27 and 28, 2019.

"Open Race Horse and Alek Anak Nagari will be held again in Padang Panjang. ," said the daily branch manager of the Padang Panjang , the Indonesian Equestrian and Horse Racing Association (Pordasi), Fedri in Padang Panjang, on Friday.

The chief executive of the activities of Zulfikri added that he and the local government had been preparing for the horse race to be held again in Padang Panjang.

The head of the local area has also visited an area in W Sumatra that regularly holds horse racing tracks to obtain information about their implementation.

Horse racing is not only a sport but a place of friendship as well as maintaining cultural values and can lift the economy of local residents, especially during its implementation.

He invited the community, especially residents of Padang Panjang, Batipuh and Sapuluah Koto Districts to enliven the event which will be held next month.

Translated by:Mutiara Ramadhani - Internship Student of ANTARA 2019
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