Head of Tourism Office of West Sumatra gives signal that TDS still pass Singkarak

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Head of Tourism Office of West Sumatra gives signal that TDS still pass Singkarak

TdS 2019 event will still pass Singkarak (Ist)

Padang (ANTARA) - Event Tourde Singkarak (TdS) 2019 will continue to pass through Singkarak Lake, but the stage has not been determined yet, it is believed this year, this international event will be more rousing.

"To the people of W Sumatra asked to be patient waiting for the final decision about the stages that will be taken," said the Head of the W Sumatra Province Tourism Office, Ir. Oni Yulfian, M.BTM, in Padang, on Thursday, Sept 12.

According to him, the chaotic information about TdS did not pass through Singkarak Lake, it should not have happened, if the raw information of the committee's preparations had not been widespread.

At first, The Regent of Solok would take the start to Taman Hutan Kota in Arosuka.These good intentions automatically increase the distance to Singkarak Lake as far as 30 Km.

If the committee is passive, Singkarak cannot be bypassed. The length of the route plus 30 Km will cause participants are fatigue, the team does not allow it happening.

"It cannot happen, we are looking for ways so that there is a stage that passes through Singkarak," Oni said.

This time, the committee is thinking and formulating which stage will cross Singkarak.

"Actually no statement from anyone that Singkarak will not be bypassed," he said.

In a few days the Tds stage will be explained to the people of W Sumatra, including the number of participants and where are they come from.

TDS has been the wide talk in recent days.This is because there is information about the TDS 2019 not passing through Singkarak.

Various parties regret that.Apparently, the committee was determined, Tds still through Singkarak.

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