UMMY Lecturer Solok introduces certified shallot cultivation

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UMMY Lecturer Solok introduces certified shallot cultivation

UMMY lecturer team Solok harvested the results of coaching with partner farmer groups some time ago. (ist)

Arosuka (ANTARA) - Lecturer at the University of Mahaputra Muhammad Yamin (UMMY) Solok in collaboration with the Sukarami Food Crops Research Institute (BPTP) introduced certified onion cultivation (S3) to encourage the development of shallot varieties in the local area.

"We are implementing the cultivation of certified shallots to a number of partner farmer groups in the Bukik Sileh area, Lembang Jaya District, Solok Regency," said one of UMMY's lecturer team, Haris Satria in Solok, on Monday.

The dedication team in the community partnership program is chaired by a senior lecturer who is also the head of the agriculture cultivation department, Dra. H. Helti Andraini, M.Sc and accompanied by Dara Surtina, S.Pt, MP and Haris Satria, S.Pt, MP.

According to her the development of partner farmer groups begins with the process of land management, fertilization, weeding, disease control, harvesting, and postharvest technology.

"With proper cultivation techniques, added certified onion seeds will spur the production of onion plants cultivated by farmers," she said.

The community service carried out by Solok UMMY lecturers was also a collaborative activity funded by the Directorate General of Strengthening Research and Development, the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) through the Stimulus Community Service Program (PKM).

She hoped that the transfer of onion cultivation technology carried out by UMMY Solok lecturers and the Sukarami BPTP would at least open the horizons of farmers to be more motivated to increase the production of higher quality onions.

The community hopes that, with the guidance on cultivation techniques provided by academics, it can be the answer to various onion commodity cultivation problems in the Solok district.

The UMMY Solok community service team has done a lot of community service activities with different topics and different locations in various regions of the Solok district in the previous year.

After the community service, the UMMY lecturer team will also take part in the 7th International Conference on the International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy on 18-21 October 2019 in Phuket, Thailand.

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