The "Bagonjong" cart becomes a new icon of Pantai Kata Pariaman

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The "Bagonjong" cart becomes a new icon of Pantai Kata Pariaman

A resident sees a bagonjong cart that is arranged in the courtyard of the Department of Tourism and Culture of Pariaman City, W Sumatra and will be a new icon in Pantai Kata Pariaman . (Antara / Aadiaat M. S)

Pariaman (ANTARA) - As many as 25 units of 'bagonjong' carts (horned roofs resemble the roofs of Minangkabau traditional houses) assistance from the central government to traders will become a new icon for the attractions of Pantai Kata, Pariaman City, W Sumatra.

"Before the peak of the implementation of Pesona Tabuik Piaman Hoyak on September 15, 2019, the cart will be handed over to traders," said Enforcer of Pariaman City Tourism and Culture Office's (Disparbud) on Friday, Alfian in Pariaman.

He said that the cart would add to the uniqueness of Pantai Kata, which currently has a colorful stone grip and other facilities.

With the cart, tourists can take pictures in front of a row of bagonjong carts in Pantai Kata, and upload them to social media.

"If other areas are known as "saribu rumah gadang', then in Pariaman there are also but the locations on the beach," he said.

He said there were a number of criteria for traders who would get the cart, starting from trading every day, obediently paying fees, and being able to maintain cleanliness, safety, and beauty.

Another assessment, he continued, is that the trader is always friendly to tourists so that it can give a positive impression to the wider community.

"The names of the traders who will get this assistance are already, and now only wait for handover," he said.

Pantai Kata is one of a number of attractions in Pariaman which are visited by tourists on weekends, and during Eid holidays.

Even based on the records of the City of Pariaman Disparbud, the number of visits to Pantai Kata on the 2019 Eid holidays reaches thousands of tourists every day.

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