The local government increased the number of tabuik this year

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The local government increased the number of tabuik this year

Mayor of Pariaman, W Sumatra Genius Umar in Pariaman (Antara / Aadiaat M. S)

Pariaman (ANTARA) - The City Government of Pariaman, W Sumatra added four Tabuik on Pesona Hoyak Tabuik Piaman 2019 into six units to enliven the cultural tourism agenda.

"Two Tabuik have a height of 12 meters, while four are half the usual size," Mayor Pariaman Genius Umar said in Pariaman on Wednesday.

He explained the two tabuik namely Pasa and Subarang tabuik, while the other four were tabuik made and brought by four sub-districts in the City of Pariaman.

He said the addition of the four tabuik was to enliven the cultural tourism agenda which peaked on Sunday September 15 and was predicted to be attended by hundreds of thousands of tourists.

"Four additional tabuik also shake by residents and village heads in each sub-district," he said.

He said initially the addition of the tabuik numbered 71 units or the same as the number of villages and villages in Kota Pariaman but because of considering the location, the plan was postponed next year.

"But the tabuik size of these villages and villages is much smaller than usual," he said.

The operation of the tabuik is shaken and accompanied by the Tambua Tasa drum which in the afternoon the tabuik is thrown into the sea.

Previously, the Pariaman Government extended Pesona Hoyak Tabuik 2019 schedule which is usually held from 1 to 10 Muharram or 10 days, become 15 days to increase tourist visits to the area.

"This year the Tabuik 2019 cultural party will be held from September 1 to 15," said the Head of the Arts and Culture Department of Tourism and Culture at Pariaman City, Salmi Tanjung in Pariaman, on Friday.

He explained the extension of the schedule because it was an entertainment activity that was usually visited by tourists on weekends.

If the main of the Tabuik cultural party this year is held on 10 Muharram or Tuesday it will have an impact on tourist visits, so the main event will be held on Sunday, September 15.

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