Pacu Jawi event is constrained by the community's rice harvest schedule

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Head of Payakumbuh Youth and Sports Tourism Office, Elfriza Zaharmam. (ANTARA SUMBAR / Syafri Ario)

Payakumbuh (ANTARA) - The efforts of the Department of Youth and Sports Tourism (Disparpora) Payakumbuh City, W Sumatra to include Pacu Jawi event in the W Sumatra Province tourism calendar is constrained by the rice harvest schedule of the people in the area.

"One of our obstacles is that the schedule for conducting activities so far is still tentative, when the implementation follows the rice harvest schedule in the paddy field used by the committee as a racetrack," Elfriza Zaharman, Head of Payakumbuh Youth and Sports Tourism Office, said in Payakumbuh, on Thursday.

Disparpora for every implementation of Pacu Jawi always helps in terms of financing such as gift giving.

"Because the implementation time has not yet been fixed, we are still having difficulty entering it into the W Sumatra Province tourism calendar," she said.

According to him, the potential for Pacu Jawi in Payakumbuh is quite large because of its uniqueness.

She is quite optimistic that Pacu Jawi will be able to become one of the tourism activities that is able to lure tourists to visit Payakumbuh.

"For this reason, we have gathered the chief executives of Pacu Jawi in the area to make the same perception," she explained.

This year, Pacu Jawi will certainly be held again in several districts in Payakumbuh.

"We hope in the future a permanent schedule can be made to implement the annual event," she said.

Every Pacu Jawi event in Payakumbuh, from the observation always crowded witnessed by local residents and also from other regions.

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