Taman Kitiran will be given the concept of ecotourism by Pokdarwis

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Taman Kitiran will be given the concept of ecotourism by Pokdarwis

Taman Kitiran in Solok, W Sumatra. (ANTARA / Tri Asmaini)

Solok (ANTARA) - The Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) of Solok City, W Sumatra, will form the concept of ecotourism in Taman Kitiran (Windmill), Laing Village, Tanjung Harapan Subdistrict.

"So the concept of eco tourism will combine various things in one place, in addition to tahfidz huts, studying in nature and culinary on the edge of rice fields, there will also be outbound and camping ground," said Chairman of the Solok City Pokdarwis Forum, Diki Asnur in Solok, on Monday.

Diki explained that ecotourism is one of the activities of tourism that is environmentally oriented by prioritizing aspects of nature conservation, aspects of socio-economic empowerment of local communities also aspects of learning and education.

So to form an ecotourism area there must be innovation and education, tourism sensation, growing the tourism industry, and the involvement of the community to play an active role in managing tourism.

"We will form Taman Kitiran according to local wisdom, an ecotourism program with the concept of a tourist village, so the community must be involved and feel the benefits," he said.

Later, community houses will become homestays. Homestays from community houses will be repaired according to the suitability standards of an inn.

Tourists who will stay at Taman Kitiran can learn to read and learn the Qur'an.

Later it will be equipped with souvenir shops and culinary restaurants to further equip Taman Kitiran as an ecotourism environment.

He hopes,that will be formed a village-owned enterprise (Bumdes) to develop tourism in the city of Solok, especially the Taman Kitiran.

The Taman Kitiran work plan will be prepared by Pokdarwis. In Solok there are around eight pokdarwis who will assist the development of existing natural and artificial tourism.

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