Film 'Mandeh' won three awards at the 2019 West Sumatra Film Festival event

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Film 'Mandeh' won three awards at the 2019 West Sumatra Film Festival event

Head of the W Sumatra Tourism Office Oni Yulfian (left) with the filmmaking team "Mandeh" who won three awards at the 2019 West Sumatra Film Festival (ANTARA SUMBAR / Mario Sofia Nasution)

Padang (ANTARA) - The film titled "Mandeh" won three awards in the 2019 West Sumatra Film Festival as the best film at the festival, then the best fiction films and the best ideas.

Mandeh's assistant film director Adriyas Putradi Padang on Monday admitted that the making of the film had long been worked on and the production was quite large.

He said the film 'Mandeh' worked for months which was the final task of his team at the Jakarta Arts Institute in collaboration with the Padang Panjang Indonesian Institute of the Arts.

"From the beginning I believed that the story of Mandeh's film represented a lot of people's feelings," he said

According to him the message in the film 'Mandeh' was quite simple, namely a mother's love for her child that never runs out even though conveyed in other ways.

"Mother's love along the way. Mother's love is inexhaustible. The message in this Mandeh movie even though his son made a mistake but a mother still does not change her love, "he said.

He said besides participating in the festival in West Sumatra his party was trying to participate and display Mandeh films at national level festivals.

"We are also working in making language translation into English in the Mandeh film in order to advance to the international level," he said.

The Head of the West Sumatra Tourism Office, Oni Yulfian said the West Sumatra Film Festival event greatly influenced the development of the film industry in Ranah Minang.

Moreover, W Sumatra has a wealth in the field of high creativity, especially in the field of film.

"We hope that the number of films that appear showing the natural beauty of W Sumatra is able to attract tourists to come and revive the economy of the community," he said. (*)

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