Dozens of Pariaman tourism vessels have been detained at the jetty due to silting

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Dozens of Pariaman tourism vessels have been detained at the jetty due to silting

A resident of Pariaman, West Sumatra is walking on sand that has accumulated at the end of the Pariaman estuary which closes access to island tour boats and fishermen in the area on Thursday, August 8. (ANTARA SUMBAR / Aadiyat M.S)

Pariaman (ANTARA) - Dozens of tourist ships in the City of Pariaman, W Sumatra cannot sail to take tourists to the island, because they are stuck on the dock due to siltation and buildup of sand at the end of the river estuary.

"Siltation occurs due to winds from the south so that it changes the direction of the waves which results to a buildup of sand at the end of the Pariaman estuary,"said the island's tourist boat operator, Zainal Efendi in Pariaman on Thursday.

He said because of the silting of at least more than 40 units of tourist ships could not serve tourists to the island, even dozens of fishing boats could not go to sea.

The local government plans in early 2020 will change the direction of the estuary, so that later it will not encounter the same thing, but according to him the realization is still long while the problem of sand accumulation needs quick action.

"The quick step is to install an engine to suck up the sand, and throw it away so the ship can get past it," he said.

He realized siltation at the tip of the estuary was caused by nature, but according to him this could be overcome by dredging.

"Therefore, we hope that the City Government of Pariaman immediately handles this matter," he said.

While the fishing boat owner Darmawan said at the beginning of silting, his party forced the ship to enter the dock located in the estuary so that it resulted in damage to the ship.

"At least two to three ships have been damaged due to forced entry," he said.

Because of this silting up, he continued, there are currently two ships that cannot enter the estuary to lean on the dock.

While fishermen whose boats are leaning in the Pariaman estuary lost tens of millions because they cannot go to sea. (*)

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